Slipstream Time Hacking by Benjamin P. Hardy – Review & Thoughts

Since I jumped into Internet industry in August 2013, I’ve been online all the time I am working, and most of the time this behavior spread into all my life. I disciplined myself to use the Internet in a smart way to some level,  but I always have the feeling that it’s too difficult to use […]

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Create Your Own Google Pagespeed & Mobile Usability Tracking Googlesheet in 5 Steps

Inbound marketers & SEO professionals all know that Google, as a search engine, is paying the most attention to mobile search experience in 2015. Google announced its mobile friendly update 2 months before the rollout, and updated its guide to mobile-friendly sites into a fancy looking responsive one. Google says every single page’s mobile-friendliness is re-eavaluated on […]

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Using Cloudflare on a Bluehost hosted website where domain name is bought on GoDaddy

That’s the problem I was dealing with for some time. Before using Cloudflare, I was adding the domain name I bought on GoDaddy to Bluehost by directly changing the domain’s Nameservers (DNS “NS” record) to Bluehost‘s (affiliate link) Nameservers. Adding a site to Cloudflare also requires changing Nameservers, so I got stuck for a while there. I […]

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Some crazy ritual: “Katim na kukim na kaikai” from the book Genome by Matt Ridley

In August 2016, I finished reading Matt Ridley’s Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters. It’s a great popular science book with lots of interesting facts about genetics of humans and other livings. I especially liked the stories behind the discoveries of new genes and their relationships with functionality of different parts of our […]

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"Thanks" written on small wooden pieces

Upvotes and Kudos: Links that Helped Me

Google is my first reference source. Whenever I get stuck at any point in my professional and academic life, I make some Google queries to find answers & solutions. And I find some answers most of the time. As computers are becoming our secondary brains, we started to forget things quickly. This happened to me […]

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YFYİ 2016 Demoday Tanıtım Görseli

Yeni Fikirler Yeni İşler (YFYİ) DemoDay 2016 İzlenimleri

ODTÜ Teknokent bünyesinde girişimcilere destek olma amacıyla 2005 yılında kurulan hızlandırma programı Yeni Fikirler Yeni İşler‘in (YFYİ) 15 Ekim 2016’da gerçekleşen DemoDay’ine katılma fırsatım oldu. Öncelikle şunu söylemeliyim: oldukça başarılı bir organizasyondu, ortalık insan kaynıyordu ve 23 girişimin yaptığı sunumların hemen hemen hepsi üzerinde çalışıldığı belli olan profesyonel sunumlardı. Etkinlik 9’da başlıyordu, eşimle ben 9:30 […]

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