Selcen Kökcü Çetin, UX/UI Designer

I’ve worked with Çağrı for about one year as him being my product owner and product marketing manager. He has a great work responsibility. I am very impressed by his management and communication skills as well as his intelligence in digital marketing. Besides being a highly skilled product manager, he is a good-humored and supportive person who always takes his time to support his team members. I am very pleased to have worked with him on the same team and I strongly recommend him for any job.

Çiğdem Demir, Product Designer

It’s rare that you come across with a colleague like Çağrı talking the same language with us, designers. I’ve worked with Çağrı for 10 months. He was the product owner of another team, but I learned a lot from him thanks to some side projects and daily moments in the office. I’m amazed by his excellent project management, detail orientation and his standing up for his team. Çağrı can transform any community with his intelligence and energy.

Fatih Altınok, Frontend Lead Developer

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Cagri for about one year, six months of it on the same team where he was the product owner. I’ve seen firsthand that he’s very hardworking, detail oriented, willing to go the extra mile. He’s an excellent communicator, a team player and cares a lot about the customer. I believe he will add value to whatever he’s working on. He also reads a lot.

Bora Hamamcioglu, Founder & CEO at

Cagri is a very hardworking and highly analytical professional. He is very data focused and goes above and beyond to deliver the absolute best results in a timely manner. His knowledge in Google Analytics, Adwords, and Mixpanel helped us understand user and platform behavior. I highly recommend him to any organization.

Çağrı Turunç, Technical Manager at Aselsan

I worked with Cagri longer than one year on production of electro optic systems at Aselsan. He is focused and dedicated to produce his best using creative methods to solve problems. He has shown that; he is able to deal with uncertainty using analytic data, he predicts possible problems and quickly responds to keep produciton process alive.

As a colleague; I am impressed his strength for analysing root causes of problems and pro-actively offering solutions. It was a pleasure to work with Cagri and I strongly recommend him to any job that requires quick predictions and responses for complicated issues.

Can Giracoglu, Master Student

Cagri Sarigoz was my mentor in Nokta. He has advanced analytical intelligence and teamwork skills with his gentle and adaptable personality. He encourages his team members to accomplish their tasks without burdening and putting them under pressure. He is completely master of his domain and a true individual learner who loves detailed research.

Kubilay Başıbüyük, Lead Algorithm Design Engineer

Cagri and I have worked together in many projects during our study in METU Engineering Management program. He is a very brilliant, creative and hardworking person. I was really impressed with his problem solving skills and his dedication to work. I am very glad to have known him he is also a valuable friend. I can recommend him to any job requiring strong analytical and engineering management skills.