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Cagri Sarigoz

After 8 years of salaried on-site work, and after 4 years of interest in remote work, I’m starting my own remote freelance business. I’ll be helping companies of all sizes grow online and discover ways to best serve their users.

I’ve worked at companies with different sizes and from different industries: government agencies from agriculture to civil aviation, top defense industry company of Turkey, Internet publisher startups[1][2], and lastly a cybersecurity software startup.

I’m grateful for working with so many great people from different backgrounds. I’ve learned a lot from each one of them. Everything we do is meaningful when we do it with a group of people, for other groups of people.

My Freelance Remote Work Journey

My first remote work experience was helping a friend of mine launch his startup in my spare time between October 2014 and March 2015. We’ve used RedBooth for tracking the tasks and email for communication. We didn’t even need to come together physically. This experience was an eye-opener for me.

I thought:

If I’m capable of getting things done from a remote location for a team, why I am spending my hours commuting every day?

After asking this question to myself, I asked so many more questions to Google about different ways of working. I remember reading all the articles that I’ve found on the Internet about remote working.

After a couple of weeks spent reading, I started acting. I was lucky to join Nomad List Slack community back in March 2015. I was mostly reading what people write there, and looking for side job opportunities. I’ve found my first paying remote side job opportunity from Nomad List in February 2016. After 6 months of sending the first email to my potential client, that opportunity become my first remote side job in September 2016. Kudos to Pieter Levels for making Nomad List and his other projects that connect and empower remote workers.

Now that client from 2 years ago, CarHopper, will be my first client, and I will be able to dedicate the necessary time and energy going forward. Kudos to Bora for providing me the flexibility that I needed along the way.

In the way of becoming a remote-working professional, I’ve become a member of Remotive Slack community in July 2016. Remotive’s friendly and inclusive atmosphere helped me a lot. So another Kudos to Rodolphe for creating this amazing community.

I also want to thank all remote-only and remote-friendly companies that openly share their experiences. To name just a few: Buffer, Zapier, Automattic, Basecamp.

If you want to learn more about my professional profile and my services, please follow this link:

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