Some crazy ritual: “Katim na kukim na kaikai” from the book Genome by Matt Ridley

In August 2016, I finished reading Matt Ridley's Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters. It’s a great popular science book with lots of interesting facts about genetics of humans and other livings. I especially liked the stories behind the discoveries of new genes and their relationships with functionality of different parts of our…

Social Media is TV 2.0

Social media is the new, personalized TV, and feed/timeline algorithms are the new tv ratings. I've first read that idea on this article: Iran's blogfather: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are killing the web

IT Doesn’t Matter – A Fulfilled Prophecy?

An old tech management room

Bold Words In his famous article from the 2003 HBR Issue, Nicholas G. Carr has written some bold words. The article was titled IT Doesn't Matter, and I had the chance to digest the article as it was a case study for "Introduction to Information Systems" course at METU Informatics Institute. The main argument of the article was…