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New Job Announcement: Remote 🎉 Freelance 💻 Consultancy 💪

After 8 years of salaried on-site work, and after 4 years of interest in remote work, I’m starting my own remote freelance business. I’ll be helping companies of all sizes grow online and discover ways to best serve their users. I’ve worked at companies with different sizes and from different industries: government agencies from agriculture … Read More

Some crazy ritual: “Katim na kukim na kaikai” from the book Genome by Matt Ridley

In August 2016, I finished reading Matt Ridley’s Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters. It’s a great popular science book with lots of interesting facts about genetics of humans and other livings. I especially liked the stories behind the discoveries of new genes and their relationships with functionality of different parts of our … Read More

Social Media is TV 2.0

Social media is the new, personalized TV, and feed/timeline algorithms are the new tv ratings. I’ve first read that idea on this article: Iran’s blogfather: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are killing the web

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Create Your Own Google Pagespeed & Mobile Usability Tracking Google Sheet in 5 Steps

After #mobilegeddon it’s been harsh for us SEO guys to check each landing page’s mobile friendliness. So I’ve made a Google Sheet for getting Pagespeed and Mobile Usability Data. It includes a custom function that gets the URL on a cell and writes the scores from the Google Pagespeed API.