Using Cloudflare on a Bluehost hosted website where domain name is bought on GoDaddy

That’s the problem I was dealing with for some time. Before using Cloudflare, I was adding the domain name I bought on GoDaddy to Bluehost by directly changing the domain’s Nameservers (DNS “NS” record) to Bluehost‘s (affiliate link) Nameservers.

Adding a site to Cloudflare also requires changing Nameservers, so I got stuck for a while there. I tried using the Cloudflare integration on Bluehost but it was a real pain in the ass: it wasn’t fully functional and it was causing some strange behavior which I can’t remember right now.

So I figured out the step by step solution to the problem, after registering the domain name on GoDaddy:

  1. Add site to Cloudflare
  2. Change Nameservers on GoDaddy to Cloudflare’s Nameservers
  3. Assign domain to Bluehost
  4. To verify the domain on Bluehost, use the verification methods other than changing the Nameservers
    1. Setting DNS “A” record for the domain to point to the IP given provided on Bluehost
    2. Creating an HTML page on GoDaddy containing the text provided on Bluehost
    3. Entering EPP code taken from GoDaddy

I tried setting DNS “A” record first, but strangely Bluehost didn’t verify the domain in a couple hours. I’ve checked “A” records on, they were propagated just fine.

Anyway then I tried entering the EPP code I’ve taken from GoDaddy, it verified in a snap! If you have enough time and patience, you can wait for up to 24 hours for “A” records to propagate I guess 🙂

2 thoughts on “Using Cloudflare on a Bluehost hosted website where domain name is bought on GoDaddy”

  1. do you know where to find the ip that bluehost provide me? to point the A records towards my BH hosting.



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