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Upvotes and Kudos: Links that Helped Me

Google is my first reference source. Whenever I get stuck at any point in my professional and academic life, I make some Google queries to find answers & solutions. And I find some answers most of the time.

As computers are becoming our secondary brains, we started to forget things quickly. This happened to me in the format of forgetting the actual information but remembering the keywords that lead me to that information instead. The keywords remain easily reachable between 6 months to 2 years of time span.

So I wanted to keep a reverse chronological list of useful links that helped me. I know there are tools like Pinboard to make this in a more organized way, but I will give it a try.

Using rsync instead of scp to be able to continue copying a file from remote host. (11/09/2017)

Displaying the contents of an SSL certificate (10/18/2017)

Making the up and down arrows cycle through commands that match the start of a line in Mac Terminal by creating and editing ~/.inputrc file. (01/09/2017)

“gem eventmachine fatal error: ‘openssl/ssl.h’ file not found” solved by setting cppflags for openssl. (01/09/2017)

While installing Jekyll and other dependencies from the GitHub Pages gem on Mac OS X El capitan 10.11.6 with ruby 2.4.0 (01/07/2017):

Maintaining Proper Session Attribution in GA when using OAuth providers with Google Tag Manager by implementing referral path exclusion using GTM. (12/17/2016)

Using Cloudflare on a Bluehost hosted website where domain name is bought on GoDaddy by assigning the domain name to Bluehost a method other than changing Nameservers. (11/20/2016)

Bringing Google Adsense WordPress Plugin ad markers back by disabling caching. My caching problem was with Cloudflare. (11/15/2016)

Writing a function with multiple definitions in Haskell by separating the definitions with ; in {} 11/07/2016

Removing search bar on header for WordPress Activello Theme by adding custom CSS. (11/06/2016)

Filtering elements in a list with regular expressions in Python  with re.compile and re.search (11/04/2016)

Defining a piecewise function in R with ifelse (10/30/2016)

Keeping font sizes for equations customizable in LaTeX by using DeclareMathSizes{display size}{text size}{script size}{scriptscript size} (10/30/2016)

Large braces for specifying values of variables by condition in LaTeX : cases from amsmath does the trick (10/30/2016)

Labeling only the equations that are referenced in the tex in a LaTeX document by setting showonlyrrefs in mathtools package (10/30/2016)

Embedding text in math equations in LaTeX in WordPress text does the job in the amsmath package (10/30/2016)

Bulk adding negative countries in AdWords: The easiest way seems to be downloading the latest AdWords API Location Criteria from the AdWords API documentation, fetching all necessary countries to exclude and bulk add these negative countries by using the AdWords Editor (10/09/2016)

Replacing (not provided) organic keywords with landing pages in Google Analytics by creating a rewrite filter in GA. I use this for every web property I manage. (2015)

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