A Simple Spreadsheet to Create and Store Social Sharing Links

There is a simple cool website for creating social media share links: Share Link Generator. I ended up using it for creating Facebook and Twitter share links in my Medium posts. You can find a detailed post about how to use Share Link Generator here.

The website does it work, gives you your links. But I like to save things for productivity: The more you reuse your past efforts, the more productive you become – Tweet this

I ❤️ Google Sheets, so I made a Google Sheet for it.


The Google Sheet does the simple job of generating the share links and stores the content you spent your valuable time for creating it.

I put simple instructions on the first sheet. In each following sheet, the Google Sheet has the following channels for creating the share links:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Email

Just follow this link to the Google Sheet and make it yours 😉


Shoot in the Comments

Please don’t hesitate to comment & ask about any teeny tiny thought & question appeared in your mind about the Google Sheet.

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