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IT Doesn’t Matter – A Fulfilled Prophecy?

Bold Words In his famous article from the 2003 HBR Issue, Nicholas G. Carr has written some bold words. The article was titled IT Doesn’t Matter, and I had the chance to digest the article as it was a case study for “Introduction to Information Systems” course at METU Informatics Institute. The main argument of the article was […]

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Slipstream Time Hacking by Benjamin P. Hardy – Review & Thoughts

Since I jumped into Internet industry in August 2013, I’ve been online all the time I am working, and most of the time this behavior spread into all my life. I disciplined myself to use the Internet in a smart way to some level,  but I always have the feeling that it’s too difficult to use […]

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Create Your Own Google Pagespeed & Mobile Usability Tracking Googlesheet in 5 Steps

Inbound marketers & SEO professionals all know that Google, as a search engine, is paying the most attention to mobile search experience in 2015. Google announced its mobile friendly update 2 months before the rollout, and updated its guide to mobile-friendly sites into a fancy looking responsive one. Google says every single page’s mobile-friendliness is re-eavaluated on […]

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